Ready-to-use finished products for sanitizing your environment

We design and manufacture ready-to-use solutions suitable for all types of spaces: from solutions dedicated to domestic environments, to products designed for commercial spaces, to projects dedicated to large dimenisoni environments for structured high-traffic realities.

For each product, F/ARYA has selected and engineered the most appropriate technology, combining sanitization effectiveness with the best functional optimization.

What do we do

Product Range

The products have been designed to guarantee the sanitisation of commercial premises or of homes, effectively and safely. The size and weight of the device allow you to easily move it from one room to another, ensuring a continuous and complete sanitisation.

Easy 35 Plasma

• Plug&play
• Portable
• Colors: white, black, steel
• Does not require installation
• Enhanced with UV-C LEDs (optional)

Easy 35 Ozono

• Plug&play
• Portable
• Color: steel
• Does not require installation
• Timer

Easy 70

• Plug&play
• Portable for large spaces
• Color: steel
• Does not require installation
• Timer


• Wall device with fixing
• Plexiglass white front (other colors optional)
• Minimal design
• Rapid installation
• Versatile: all types of spaces


• Stainless steel mechanics
• Retrofit cabinets
• Built-in cabinets
• Can be integrated into other equipment
• Several configurations


• Steel and borosilicate glass mechanics
• Range for ducted systems
• Several configurations
• Limits the occurrence of pathogens in the sections of the aeration ducts

Why choose us

Why choose our Products?

Reduce viruses and batceria up to 99,9%

Reduces VOCs and allergens

Beats bad odors

Low power consumption

Does not create resistant bacteria

Does not spray chemicals

Does not create streaks and stains

Reduced maintenance

Cold plasma, ozone


Cold plasma


Devices using this technology actively and continuously sanitize air and surfaces by employing Non Thermal Plasma, generated by special devices designed and developed by the company itself. It is also referred to as ionized gas and is produced by the disintegration of polyatomic gas molecules or the removal of electrons from monoatomic gases.


Cold plasma technology (NTP) ionizes air using high voltage, creating Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). It is a safe process that is used to treat air, water, and surfaces in general, as well as in environmental sanitization and deodorization and many other applications.

Because of its instability, this gas molecule must be produced in the environment to be treated and immediately used, so it cannot be stored or transported.



Devices using this technology sanitize air and surfaces on a noncontinuous basis; they can only be activated in environments where people are not present.


Ozone is a gaseous molecule consisting of 3 oxygen atoms (O3) found in the various layers of the atmosphere in different concentrations. In nature it is formed by UV light or as a result of the release of electrical discharges during thunderstorms.. Ozone is unstable and quickly returns to its simple oxygen (O2) form.

Due to its oxidizing power, it is used for the treatment of air, water and surfaces in general, as well as in environmental sanitization and deodorization and many other applications.

Because of its instability, this gas molecule must be produced in the environment to be treated and immediately used, so it cannot be stored or transported.



Why choose us

Effective and customized

A variety of technologies that are effective in every context and the possibility of customizing the system’s features according to specific needs make F/ARYA solutions ideal for those seeking a Made in Italy product that sanitizes their environment without compromise.

Made in Italy

We believe in the professionalism of people and the culture of our territory.
For F/ART Made in Italy is not a label, but a real production practice to present itself to its public by guaranteeing and marketing its product lines all over the world, recognized everywhere for the high rate of innovation safety reliability and duration over time.
The company firmly believes in the professionalism of people and the culture of the territory: that of Treviso, where the company has been operating and producing for over seventy-seven years.

In-house production

Each component is designed and manufactured by our team.
We conceive, design, manufacture and test our products entirely and directly in the company in Preganziol (Treviso - Italy).
F/ART has an area of 18,000 sq. m available, including showrooms, offices, laboratories, meeting & training rooms, production area, warehouse and green areas.

Proven efficacy

All F/ARYA products are tested by specialized and accredited laboratories.
The results obtained at several specialized laboratories have shown the effectiveness and the safety of F/ARYA devices with NTP technology Nonthermal Plasma against pathogen agents such as viruses, bacteria and mold.

Sectors of application

Perfect everywhere

Commercial environments

The first rule of selling is to be able to make the potential customer feel comfortable.Therefore, you should consider sanitizing your business environment with the different F/ARYA solutions, and communicating this to stand out.

Beauty & Wellness

With F/ARYA you can provide your guest with the safety and protection he or she deserves: in a beauty salon, at a hair salon, or in a spa, you can sanitize air and surfaces, eliminating bad odors and noxious fumes.

Medical and Healthcare

Whether in an outpatient or dental office, in a waiting room or at a physical therapy office-your patients deserve a sanitized and protected environment. With F/ARYA, you guarantee them the peace of mind of a healthy environment, the kind they expect from you.


The industrial setting often requires working in non-windowed environments: with F/ARYA you sanitize and eliminate odors in offices, meeting rooms, showrooms and large rooms.


Why waste energy keeping windows open when you can ensure safe and healthy air for students, faculty and school staff with F/ARYA? Discover solutions designed for schools of all levels that can sanitize and eliminate odors continuously, quietly and efficiently.


Quality of experience also means attention to air sanitation. Whether it's a restaurant, hotel room, or small bar, your customers will distinguish you by your attention to sanitizing air and surfaces.


Large agglomerations of people in small rooms and rooms closed for a long time-these two characteristics of cinemas require special attention to sanitation solutions. Therefore, F/ARYA has come up with different solutions for different cinema environments.


You want to come home with the confidence of being in a safe and secure environment, you want to invite guests and friends without worries, you want to eliminate bad smells forever due to your four-legged friends as well: F/ARYA can be your guardian angel at home.


Whether it's a public office with waiting rooms or a private office where colleagues share many hours together, sanitizing offices is essential to ensure the safety and security of those who live in them.Discover F/ARYA's solutions for different sizes and frequencies of use.

Food industry 

There are many contexts in the food industry that reward F/ARYA solutions: in the various steps of fruit and vegetable processing, in cold storage, in ripening, seasoning and storage you can manage the presence of bacteria and mold in a controlled and safe manner.

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