About us

The F/ARYA project was created by F/ART to give more and more value to the sanitation division.

F.A.R.T. (Fabbrica Apparecchiature Radioelettriche Treviso – Treviso Radio Equipment Factory) began its history in 1945, when it was founded by Bruno Graziati, at a time when Italy was trying to recover from the Second World War.

The company designed, patented and produced a new vacuum encapsulation system consisting of a special epoxy resin for outdoor use, applied to neon transformers.

Over time, this technology was renewed and patented for other applications..

We oversee each stage of product development

What we do


We start from the client's needs to define some initial ideas to be developed and then selected.


Our engineers go on to design the identified solution and outline its key points.


Also in our Treviso plant, we follow the entire production of the product according to the design developed.


The testing stage is critical to verify that each product meets the standards identified to meet the customer's need.

Made in Italy and sustainability

The values

Made in Italy

For F/ART Made in Italy is not a label, but a real production practice to present itself to its public by guaranteeing and marketing its product lines all over the world, recognized everywhere for the high rate of innovation safety reliability and duration over time.

The Company firmly believes in the professionalism of the people and the culture of the area: that of Treviso, where the Company has been operating and producing for over seventy-five years.

Each product is made at the factory in Treviso, taking advantage of the manufacturing excellence of the area.


We place great emphasis on the efficiency and long life of our products so as to reduce waste and waste in the environment.

We use eco-friendly packaging made of recycled cardboard. Such a system ensures safety and robustness for every stage of transportation and storage, while always being environmentally friendly.

In addition, we choose a sustainable approach and use only energy from renewable sources.

Our vision

Protect people by allowing them to live and work in a sanitized environment.

Why choose us

Effective and customized

A variety of effective technologies in every context and the ability to customize the characteristics of the system according to specific needs, make F/ARYA solutions ideal for those looking for a Made in Italy product that sanitizes their environment without compromise.

Effective sanitization

The use of the best technologies such as Cold Plasma and Ozone, combined with the control of each phase of product development, allow us to obtain solutions with maximum effectiveness.

Customization of the system

The heterogeneity of our team and our structure allows us to work on customized projects. We welcome the customer's need and study the best solution to adopt.

Guaranteed quality

We develop, design, manufacture and test our products within our Treviso plant. In this way, we have complete control over every stage of the supply chain.

About us


Marisa Graziati


Renato Crivellaro

Operations manager

Luca Miliani

Field application engineer

Sonia Zuffo

Sales area manager

Elisa Pasqualini

Orders & shipments

Gloria Graziati

Digital marketing specialist

Enrica Florian


Marco Graziati


Alberto Chinellato


Alessio Fusaro


Michele Ferrarese

Electronic designer

Alessandro Vincenzi